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.HRH Crown Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg visited Zhejiang.[20/12/2013]
The Ninth Meeting of the Zhejiang-Singapore Economic and Tra...[02/12/2013]
The Southwest England Trade Mission travelled to Hangzhou[29/11/2013]
Zhejiang-Schleswig-Holstein Cooperation Seminar was held in ...[22/11/2013]
Meeting of Zhejiang-Shizuoka economic council was held in Pi...[20/11/2013]
Ma Hongtao Deputy Director-General met with King’s Commissio...[20/11/2013]
Economic Development Minister of New Zealand visit to Zhejia...[18/11/2013]
A Successful 2013 China Food Expo[15/11/2013]
Liang Liming, Vice Governor, Went to Pinghu Economic and Tec...[15/11/2013]
Fruitful Business Activities of Zhejiang Province in the Uni...[04/11/2013]
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(a) to implement national and provincial relevant domestic and foreign trade,foreign investment, foreign investment and economic cooperation law,regulations, rules and policies; relevant policies in our province to formulate,to draft local laws, rules and regulations, the approval organization and implementation.
  (two) the domestic and international economic development trend research,is responsible for ...
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China’s GDP growth to hit 8.3% in 2...(11/01/2012)
Cross-border mergers, acquisitions ...(11/01/2012)
January to November 2011, 25086 for...(11/01/2012)
MOFCOM Defined Major Tasks of Comme...(11/01/2012)
China moves to protect investor int...(11/01/2012)
Foreign trade surges, trade surplus...(11/01/2012)
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Zhejiang Export Commodities Fair,Osaka
Zhejiang Export Commodities Fair,Vietnam
Zhejiang Export Commodities Fair,Dubai
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Nine enterprises in our province we...
Prime Minister of Western Australia...
Delegation from Indiana of the Unit...
Awni Al-Rushoud, CEO of Jordan Inve...
Deputy Director-General Chen Rufang...
Huzhou Municipal Council for Promot...
The entrepot trade of Zhoushan City...
【Zhejiang economic foreign trade statistics of 2013】
Unit: million USD
import and export(January to October)274353
export(January to October)202880
import(January to October)71473
actually utilized FDI(January to October)11494
direct outbound investment( January to October)4834
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General Introduction of Zhejiang Province | Infrastructure | Economic Development | Map of Zhejiang |  
Zhejiang Province, located in the southern part of Yangtze River Delta of the southeast coast of China, lies in the east of the East China Sea, south of Fujian Province, west of Jiangxi Province and Anhui Province, and north of Shanghai and Jiangsu Province. Zhejiang, which literally means a zigzagging river, is named because of the largest river in that territory, Qi...
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Provisions of Zhejiang Province for the Administra...
Provisions of Zhejiang Province for the Implementa...
Provisions of Zhejiang Province for the Administra...
Provisions of Zhejiang Province for the Management...
The inbound and outbound volumes of freight of bon...
Anji County enhances services for enterprises to p...
China Base of Export of Low-voltage Appliance sett...
Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration implements t...
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